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Ellen Wille Wigs

New trends, sophisticated designs and fashionable highlights are on offer here. HairPower products come from Ellen Wille, an upmarket, long-established, internationally reputed German company. Its wigs cater for all ages, with a natural, energetic and youthful look. You will really notice a very fresh approach in this collection. The finish is luxurious, and the wigs are incredibly light and comfortable to wear. They are full of fresh ideas to help create the right style for you.
I have summarised the main details to help identify the types of wig that will be of interest to you.
 Deluxe Monofilament +  hand-tied Two examples are Alexis Deluxe and Cinema Deluxe.
 Hand-tied. Two examples are Alba Comfort and Shine Comfort.
These have monofilament tops with wefted sides and backs. Two examples are Carol Mono & Mega Mono.
 Mono parting. Two examples are Elite and Estelle.
Small mono crown area is wefted with a mono parting or mono crown, as in Date and Dance.
Wefted cap. Two examples are  Avanti and Spring.
This symbol indicates that the wig has a lace front as well as the type of cap indicated by stars or type, for example Mega Mono.


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